Sunday, May 3, 2009

Show me what you look like!

As mentioned in my previous post, I've been taking classes from International Master Photographer Kenneth Linge. Aside from a LOT of learning and inspiration from him, I've really been able to look at my photography through a more-trained eye, as well as others work. I like to google random wedding photography sites and see how they're doing; basically take a look at my competition.

I just breezed over a wedding photographer who had a pretty fancy site with nice quality pictures. But guess what was missing from his gallery? The people! Not literally, but it wasn't until the 29th image in his Engagement gallery where the couple was actually looking at the camera. His opening image was basically a pretty landscape of the Golden Gate Bridge with two miniscule people kissing in the bottom left.

Now, I'm not saying that all your pictures need to be you two looking and smiling; those candid shots are very entertaining and can be very emotional. But please, don't forget that YOU are the highlight of the event. It seems as though the new trend in photography is cool angles, fun poses, neat landscapes and bright colors. But as the the genre heads this direction it seems as though it's leaving behind the core of wedding photography - YOU. The people. The ones that are in love. Don't let your wedding photographer get too carried away on the cool shots that they forget to show YOU off. Your smile, your eyes, you.

With my recent completion of the Photographing People series, I've learned a lot about showcasing faces, what's important in portraits and how to seek the light in all my photographs. As your wedding photographer, I promise to make sure that YOU are still the center of my photography - not the location or the 'cool factor'.